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Your Past Relationships are not a Reflection of Your Worth


After two divorces, it became clear I was attracted to the wrong type of guy. First I was the damsel in distress- that marriage crashed and burned. Second time I decided to be in charge, my way or the highway, failure again- this time as a single motherless mom.

Thus I took on 15 yrs of study & began coaching men and women from around the world on experiencing true intimacy. I have learned one potent key: every relationship is an opportunity for growth and healing, yet it’s up to US if we step up, grow up and soar.

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Longing For A Noble Badass Cherish You?


Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt hosts a delicious evening for ladies where you will learn how to…
 ~Be irresistible (exactly as you are!)
~Feel sacred in you body (aka Your Divine Temple)
~Heal the Past (for GOOD!)
~Attract a quality man (aka Noble Badass)
~Have a hot healthy intimate long-term partnership!!!

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I Am Woman Project

When I was contacted by the glorious people of the I Am Woman Project, I knew the universe had aligned the perfect opportunity of my calling and their purpose. For all of my sisters who inspire me with your stories, strength, and rawness, I knew I had to submit an article for their next issue!


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Office Romance Just Got Awkward

Question: My boyfriend and I have been together for awhile and things have been going great.  Recently, he was promoted!  Problem is – he is now my boss!  We have kept our relationship on the down low to keep from being a part of office gossip/chatter but if it comes out now – it will look terrible!

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Tired of the Taker

Question: My boyfriend is a taker.  He expects me to do everything in the relationship and if he does contribute, I never hear the end of it!  What’s the point of staying with him?
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Getting Baby Fever

Q: I just found out two of my friends are pregnant and it has me having babies on the brain.  We decided two was enough but now I think I want to try for number three. Should I just go for it and stop taking my pill? Maybe he will be happy once I tell him I’m pregnant or should I try to convince him that we should have another child.

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