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Why We Fall Out of Love


I believe people fall OUT of love because their needs aren’t getting met. Either they feel controlled and unable to experience freedom or power… if it’s a personal relationship it could be because they don’t experience being loved or belonging… or it’s become all work and no play, no passion, no fun.

To make relationships work, both parties allow the other to do as they see fit… and that natural expression works for the other. One likes taking out the garbage and that works for both. The other likes making dinner and that works for both. As soon as you control the other, you can’t go play poker with the boys, or EVEN roll your eyes or disconnect love ever so slightly… it’s a downhill slope… so the idea is to find someone who’s natural ways complement yours so that both people feel freedom, power, fun, belonging and ultimately love.

WAY easier said than done, yet as soon as you stop controlling another and get curious, unattached and willing to truly GET another’s needs and allow freedom, either a solution appears or you bless and release the partnership with grace.

Blessings, Allana

Can This Marriage Be Saved?


I’ll call them Sandy and Joe. Joe couldn’t slow down enough to be truly present and intimate with Sandy. Sandy’s frustrations about this made her feel lonely within the marriage and her dissatisfaction pushed Joe further away. Joe’s heart was so emasculated from his past marriage that if she was upset, he couldn’t really hear her without tuning out in fear. Sandy was angry that she left her job to be at home to be with Joe more, yet she felt ignored or abandoned by his lack of intimate connection.

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“Tools” for long distance love

I just finished hosting my third DVD for The Sinclair Institute who is one of the foremost sex educators online.

They certainly have many ‘tools’ to support you on your own side of the world to spice up phone sex.

Yet here is what has worked for my clients, videos. I wouldn’t recommend posting them on youtube of course, not even on ‘private’… and I wouldn’t recommend sending something overtly sexual unless you completely trust your partner… and yet one client did a two part video series for her man.

First he had sent her a package of lingerie. She opened it ‘on camera’ expressing her joy and teasing him to what was coming next…

Then she created a video of her dancing for him in several of the pieces… with a strip tease at the end.

He LOVED it and their texts got HOT, their emails more intimate… and a certain Skype ‘date’ very erotic.

What underlies all these solutions is the commitment to stay connected emotionally, sexually and intimately when your partner is away.

Remember just cuz you’re not IN bed with your partner each night, to still ‘hold space’ and stay connected. Distance can make the heart grow fonder…

Hot Dating Rituals!

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Coaching Results & Happy Tears

I sat in the dark, beside Rachel his girlfriend of two years, with happy tears in my eyes as the amazing David Kessler took the stage in his production of The Feminar in Santa Monica, CA. The show was a hybrid of stand-up comedy, dating advice and solo performance. David merged his gifts as a comedian and what he learned from going on 300 dates.

He was completely hysterical, poignant and entertaining. It was truly non stop laugher for a solid hour and many of the dating tips he gave could really tip a woman into success finding the One! Rarely have I felt so honored for the contribution I make in a person’s life as when David acknowledged me as his Dating Coach and Relationship healer in the show. Granted he also poked fun at me, referring to the tip you can find in my free report, “to penetrate a woman in three places…” Read More →

What’s the latest on sex toys?

Dr. Sadie is right, lubrication is the key… first her book The Undercover Clitoris ( has been a big hit with my male clients who really want to please their women. Some female clients have bought it and have created ‘bedtime story time” with their lover… and have reported being THRILLED at the orgasmic highs and emotional connection they are experiencing with their partner.

Back to my weekend and Dr. Sadie’s sizzling kit for couples ( … we immediately had amazing sex as soon as he picked me up from the airport, and Dr. Sadie’s strawberry lubrication was delicious for us both. Then he ran me a candle lit bath and remembered to put the kit’s waterproof vibrator on the side for me… rejuvenating bliss. I brought the dice out to dinner the next night to keep the erotic teasing building… Night three the cock ring made me squeal with delight! It was kind of intense so I had to find the right position, but once I did! OMG. At first I was a little awkward bringing out the penis sleeve yet once it was on, it was totally delicious for my lover and is reminding him of me until I see him again! I honestly use the heart shaped massager on my own after a shower and slathering myself in oil, total self loving and slowing down to enjoy exquisitely nourishing pleasure after a long day.

This kit is way more expensive to buy the parts separately, so it’s a discount to begin with as a bundle, and ALSO Dr. Sadie gives listeners of Intimate Conversations LIVE an additional discount! It comes in a totally discreet unmarked packaging, so my UPS driver has no clue the fun I’m about to unleash! Funny, I was interviewing Damona Hoffman on the radio show the other day when the UPS man knocked on the door, and we laughed for we were JUST saying in the interview that you have to take action and just can’t wait around for prince charming to knock on your door!

I just love being intimate, being unleashed, being pleasured and being sexually nourished and vibrantly alive. I’m sure you do too, so I’d get Dr. Sadie’s Kit ( for the weekend AND her amazing book The Undercover Clitoris, so that you know exactly how to pleasure your partner (and for women, pick up a few new tricks on how to please yourself and teach your partner — xoxo.) (

Shame free, erotically fulfilling, sexually hot, emotionally connected sex! If you are nervous about presenting the kit to your partner or have a block you’re ready to dissolve about your true authentic sexual nature that has blocked the intimacy you know in your heart is possible, I’d love to connect. For a non judgmental, totally safe and honoring, magical potent and healing session with me, contact my amazing staff for a strategy session at I can’t wait for the privilege of connecting. Here’s to your courage to be you, Allana xooxxo

P.S. I totally recommend Dr. Sadie’s books and products and look forward to sharing even MORE with you! Perhaps you could tell me what YOU’D like me to cover next? Lingerie? Candles? Anal play? Bondage? Sexy dance or stripper outfits? Guide me people!

Her book Undercover
Her Good Nookie Kit for Couples:

P.P.S. Peace and full self expression with your sexual nature is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself in your life… it’s an honor and privilege to facilitate your grandeur… contact my staff for a one-on-one strategy session with me at