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Wake Up Early?


As I sit to write this, I admit I snoozed the alarm 3 times this morning!!! Why? Well, I self pleasured (blush), pet my cat, talked with God, opened my body to receive the energy of abundance and magic from the Universe… and honestly I feel quite fabulous, vibrant and sexy as I start my day!

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Choosing to Design Change

Throwback to 2012:


One of my best friends, Cathy Yost from Canada, gave me this exercise about choosing a word for 2012. We’re getting up early tomorrow morning to talk on Skype to have our first delicious connection of the year, can’t wait to hear her word!

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Look at Her Soar!


Many times when working with women, they not only experience breakthroughs with men, but also with their careers. Their self worth is solid and blocks to receiving are gone. They can speak up for themselves with men and also charge their worth. Rhiannon is such a Goddess. 

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Do’s and Don’ts of Dating & Moving In


Do’s and Don’ts of Dating & Moving In

To cherish and be cherished with your first date and when you make the move to move in, keep these few points in mind.

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RACING EXTINCTION opened 9/18/15!

A good friend’s husband wrote it. I took my son this weekend. GO. FEEL. CHOOSE to be the 10% that creates a sustainable thriving planet.

Coaching Results & Happy Tears

I sat in the dark, beside Rachel his girlfriend of two years, with happy tears in my eyes as the amazing David Kessler took the stage in his production of The Feminar in Santa Monica, CA. The show was a hybrid of stand-up comedy, dating advice and solo performance. David merged his gifts as a comedian and what he learned from going on 300 dates.

He was completely hysterical, poignant and entertaining. It was truly non stop laugher for a solid hour and many of the dating tips he gave could really tip a woman into success finding the One! Rarely have I felt so honored for the contribution I make in a person’s life as when David acknowledged me as his Dating Coach and Relationship healer in the show. Granted he also poked fun at me, referring to the tip you can find in my free report, “to penetrate a woman in three places…” Read More →