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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Broderick & Antje Boyd

Finding your soulmate may seem like an impossible feat, but trust me when I say Broderick and Antje Boyd know how to do just that.  They not only show people how to find their soulmate, but how to keep that love hot and sizzling for years to come.

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Our Secrets Keep Us Sick

Today I had brunch with my friend Christina. Hadn’t seen her since my BDay party at a Burlesque show! We shared about our personal stories and how our secrets keep us sick, small and stuck.

Brunch with Christina

Christina’s full name is, Christina Dunbar. She’s sharing her secret life as an exotic dancer and what she discovered about sex, shame and money.

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Knoworthy Profile: Intimacy Expert

KnoworthyI am so grateful and excited that my friends at Know Worthy wrote this fabulous, in depth article. They were so thorough and completely engaging with their comments.

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Self Esteem and Feeling Overweight


My self esteem seems to be completely tied to the numbers on the scale. How do I learn to love myself even when the scale shows I am carrying a few extra pounds?

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Brave Bold and Raw: Day 1 Highlights

Have you made the move to be Brave Bold and Raw?  Did you join me last night as I talked about what inspired me to create 21 unforgettable conversations about energy, relationships, consciousness and bold authentic truth?

There was snorting, there was farting, and two minutes into the call we were already talking about Harley boots and self pleasure.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights and quotes of the night…

“Never again live a tame, meek, and obedient existence! Be BOLD!”

“Orgasmically making love with life.”

“Listen and hear the subtle whispers of the universe.”

“Open to the possibility that miracles can happen.”

“A magnetic, orgasmic, vortex of delight!”

“Talk to the hand!”

“Sure as Shit!”

“Falling down is a success.”

“Anywhere you have been unkind to you, let’s stop now.”

“We are not alone, we are inherently connected”

“Ladies Clinch Your Vagina.”

Now that you know what you missed, be sure to sign up now and get a reminder each night as we are Brave Bold and Raw!

Allana contributes to “Are You in Denial? Stop Making Excuses and Date Him Already”.

Allana Pratt Relationship ExpertI was recently able to contribute to an article written by Lori Bizzoco on Yahoo Shine!

It’s about excuses. The excuses we make for not dating, not marrying, not going out and having ravishing hot sex with the man or woman of our dreams.

And I feel, the way for both men and women to move past these excuses, goes something like this:

1. Take responsibility for the fact that you’re making excuses, that you’re scared AND THAT’S OK! Read More →