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Why Haven’t They Gotten Married Yet?

Q:  Allana, when two people have been together for so long they can almost finish each other’s sentences, do you think it is appropriate to ask them why they haven’t gotten married yet? I don’t want to pry but maybe he or she just needs a little push to get the conversation started.

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Strong Women are a Threat? WHY?

Q:  Allana, I am a strong fierce woman who speaks her mind. I work with several men and the rumor around the office is that they want to get rid of me because I won’t submit and do just as I am told. What is going on in this world that we live in where a strong woman is such a threat?

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She Wants More Kids. I’m Done!

Q: My wife wants more children and while I would do anything to make her happy, we just can’t afford it. She doesn’t want to work, she just wants to stay home and take care of the kids. What can I do to get her to see my point of view?

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Thriving Launch: True Intimacy Interview

I wanted to share something special with you! I was recently on the Thriving Launch podcast. It was an incredible interview about True Intimacy.

On the show I talk about being courageous to find your lowest vibration of shame and guilt. Don’t fix it instead bring it into your arms.


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Getting Over His Rejection

Q:  Allow me to thank you for your sharing, I could be your twin. Same story with me, exactly – except, I can’t move on from the one that said “We don’t have enough stuff for long term compatibility.”

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Whining Husband Won’t Shut Up!

Q: My husband is a feeler/emotional individual and I swear he is going to drive me insane. We are going through a lot of different things and while it may affect me more than him, he complains more than me. Help!

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