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Many times when working with women, they not only experience breakthroughs with men, but also with their careers. Their self worth is solid and blocks to receiving are gone. They can speak up for themselves with men and also charge their worth. Rhiannon is such a Goddess. 

First, she shares of what it was like to work with me, then let me introduce her magnificent channeling abilities to you. She gifted me with a session which was remarkable, confirming, soothing and expansive. And her lovely voice and sexy accent doesn’t hurt either!!!  
Love, Allana xoxoox

“I recommend Allana’s sessions with all my heart.
 If you’re ready to shift in a big way, to create space for love, more space for the real YOU in your life, space for your wildest dreams to come true.
If you’re ready for the “No more compromises in my life/I am going to celebrate life in any and every imaginable way” shift.
If you’re ready to be truly seen, felt, met, held, supported by a sister who is on the path with you in her full presence and authenticity, then she is your lady!
During my session with her it felt to me like she had x-ray vision, her wise woman’s intuition guided her straight to the fragile and vulnerable, carefully guarded places deep within myself that needed to be tenderly held, loved, freed and released.
She was there with so much love, with zero judgement and the most refreshing sense of humor.
Meeting, healing and releasing the deepest wounds was actually FUN!
Receiving Allana’s sessions feels one of the greatest gifts I have given myself in years, every one of my life areas feels truly lifted and shifted and blocks and stagnations that I hadn’t even been aware of are simply GONE.
My next session with her is one of the highlights of my month and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.
All of us have it inside of us to know whether someone truly deeply cares about us or not… and WOW… this brilliant Goddess DOES care sooooooooo much.
That in itself heals. And then there’s her wisdom, embodied knowledge, life experience, skill and expertise.
Thank you, Allana, with all my heart!!”

Rhiannon is a Channeler for the Ascended Masters and has been channeling them for over 20 years.
She has been facilitating one on one sessions, workshops and retreats for over a decade. She is a published author and has spent thousands of hours channeling for people from all walks of life and around the world.
She channels Mary Magdalene, the Daoist Priestesses of love and many other beings of light.
She passionately facilitates webinars and live workshops aligning you with finding and being with the love of your life, expressing your fullest potential, healing from and letting go of traumatic past experiences that might have been holding you back and celebrating you embodying your true essence.
The Channeled beings generously share their wisdom of “the return of the Divine Feminine”, “Sacred and empowered Sexuality”, “Spiritual Partnership”, “Embodying your Souls Calling” and much more.

Rhiannon is excited to be inviting you to two FREE upcoming webinars:

“Magnetizing your ideal partner” with Mary Magdalene, Sunday, January 10th 2016 at 11 am PST
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“The Wisdom of the Daoist Priestesses of love”, Thursday, January 21st at 11 am PST
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