How I relax when I am feeling stressed out… And a GIFT for you to try it yourself.

In the world we live in, I’d say it’s next to impossible not to be stressed at some point in the day. Getting kids to school on time, seeing how many emails are in your inbox, putting on your jeans and they’re tight, talking to new clients, going out on dates, pretending the elephant in the living room isn’t there…

Sometimes I used to get so stressed that I wouldn’t even let myself listen to music in the car because I should be listening to a personal growth CD and use my time wisely to be better… never enough!!!

Such fear based living, I lived… always afraid and concerned about how I would manipulate each situation to be safe, win, make money, look good, provide and be able to finally rest inside.

Yet here’s the deal… nothing I did worked. Why? Not because my meditation or stress reduction practices were ineffective… it was like putting sprinkles on an ice-cream cone of shit… and underneath it was still shit!

And the underneath was the belief that I am alone, it’s all up to me, the universe is too busy to help me, I have to do it all and if I let go for just one second, it will all fall apart.


Yet I was convinced I was right. Through a series of coaches, practices, clearings and insights, I stopped ‘thinking’ about it and made the choice to embody God.

I was unwilling to stress one more day. I was unwilling to be disconnected from Source one more day. I was unwilling to be afraid and exhausted one more day. Either show up Source and support me or I don’t want to play.

My coach, at the time, Ruby Bedi, took me through a beautiful meditation that I passed down to my client Sara THIS VERY MORNING, where I was holding the reins of all the horses I was trying to control.

I let them go.

Full body shakes and tears of terror as I felt I would die.

A part of me did die. The illusion, that was creating suffering in my life.

As she led me in the visualization through the forest meadow, having let go of all the horses to bring back to me, what I choose to receive in divine time… I began to trust I would be OK… I was still alive, I had let go and I was still breathing, and in the meditation, horses would come back in divine time to support me… I didn’t have to control it all, in fact doing so was never allowing them to leave and come back to support me! I was creating my own aloneness and emptiness!

What are you hell bend on holding onto?

When did you stop trusting the Universe is on your side?

What would it take for you to let go and allow the flow to begin again in your life?

Who would you need to BE, to allow in support?

What would it take for you to demand, to ask what would it take, to destroy and un-create anything in the way, to really choose to have this in your life and take an action to lead to its fulfillment?

You may enjoy listening to this guided meditation, one of close to xx? In my Memberships for women and for men… for whenever you are swept away in the illusion you are alone and need to do it all yourself… this meditation reminds you that you are held, loved and supported by the Divine, guided in your every move, when you slow down to listen and that when you choose to let go and are aware of your truth… that your desires and MORE gracefully fall into your lap.

Letting Go…….’11%20Letting%20Go.mp3

Know I love you and LOVE to contribute to you! xoxo Allana

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